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Today, I was blessed to share space with the legendary Dr. Darrel Ray. He is a psychologist and religion specialist who helps individuals all around the world recover from religious trauma. He does this through his organization, Recovering from Religion. He’s also the author of two world-renowned books, The God Virus, as well as, Sex and God. Today was an introduction to who Dr. Ray is and why he decided to take on the task of confronting religion from a secular point of view. In today’s world, it’s rare to find a therapist who does this, which is why Dr. Ray decided to tackle this gap in the system the best way he knows how.

And because of this gap, Dr. Ray founded the Secular Therapy Project. A platform that coaches therapists on the important influence religion has on our lives and how to approach the traumas it’s left behind from a therapeutic standpoint. In addition, he offers therapy to individuals who are looking to heal from aspects of their religion in a confidential space.

We also covered some of the topics in his books, such as how religion spreads and why. He classifies religion as a “virus of the mind” and describes how it infects us with its dogmas.

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