In today’s episode, we’re joined by mental health professional, Scott Smith, who’s been in the field of psychology for over 26 years. He’s developed what can be classified as “soup therapy”, along with programs to treat a variety of sex offenders. He now operates under his private practice, P.F. Dover Counseling, specializing in combining the benefits of hypnotherapy and EMDR to treat his clients.

We discuss the effectiveness of these modalities and what they’re best used for. Scott also worked with the sex offending population for 18 years developing programs of rehabilitation and provides us with some insight into this extremely misunderstood population.

We start off by talking about how we can attain personal freedom from identity through the concept of non-duality. We’ve been told for so long that “You are ______ (depressed, sexual survivor, etc.)”, but non-duality says that is not the case.

We move into how we can address trauma and addiction by assuming a different role through the use of hypnotherapy and EMDR; freeing ourselves from a mental prison, so to say. Even with just one session!

And then, we touch on the sensitive topic of sex offenders, the misconceptions around this population, and why Scott enjoyed this type of work so much.

I hope that you enjoy this interview.. I sure did.You can see more about what he does on his website at PF Dover Counseling and by visiting his PsychologyToday profile

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A student ABA Psychology at Purdue University Global with a focus on Human Sexuality studies.