Ms. Navia is a pillar in the Dallas community of femme dominants; not only has she been a part of ClubFEM for 15 years, but she also holds the position of the current headmistress. Today we discuss the misconceptions that some may have about what a dominant femme is supposed to look like, act like, and sound like; we’re not all man-hating bitches from hell! We also like to slink around in our PJs too sometimes!

We dove into one of my favorite topics to discuss: BDSM is NOT all about sex, how to handle an individual who lacks respect, and some of the qualities you may learn about yourself by exploring the right or the left side of the slash. Go ahead and indulge yourself by tuning into the stream here or on the YouTube channel here.

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Ms. Navia
Ms. NaviaHeadmistress for DFW ClubFEM
A proud graduate of the Dallas Mentors Program in 2009 and current mentor; Headmistress; Domestic Domme.